Top 5 Pet-Friendly Plants to Spruce Up Your Home

Vibrant, hardy plants brighten any space and have the added benefit of purifying the air in your home. Bringing in vibrant greenery can also add a splash of color to any space. But there’s a hidden danger lurking in household plants for animals: Some plants are toxic to pets, like aloe or branching ivy. Don’t worry; there are still plenty of options for cat and dog lovers. Here are five of our favorite pet-friendly indoor plants.

  1. Parlor Palm

We promised you a list of pet-friendly AND easy-to-manage plants, so we’re starting with the parlor palm. Pet owners who love the look of a small tree in their home will appreciate this non-toxic palm. Better yet, it’s extremely easy to care for, so beginners can enjoy the benefits of the parlor palm without fussing over it too much. There are actually a few other types of palms that are perfectly suited for pet-friendly homes, so explore your options here!

  1. Christmas Cactus

These succulents are easy to care for and are non-toxic to all pets. These spiny plants bloom during the coldest days of winter, making them a festive plant that adds a pop of color to the room even when the weather outside is frightful.

  1. Friendship Plant

This fuzzy green plant is sure to put a smile on your face – and your pets’ too! It’s easy to divide and share this fast-growing plant, which is where it got its name. So share this plant to your heart’s content with your friends, especially those with curious, furry friends at home.

  1. Spider Plant

Don’t let the name throw you. You’re not bringing ANOTHER animal into your home when you purchase a spider plant. These pretty plants are hardy and grow quickly, and the long tendrils add a nice decorating touch to your room. You’ll probably want to hang this plant for two reasons: The spider plant sprouts long, dangling shoots that need the space, and if it’s not high enough, your cat may pounce thinking it’s a toy.

  1. Calathea (or Prayer Plant)

Last but not least is the stunningly beautiful Calathea! It has lovely red, cream, and green leaves that position themselves toward the sun during the day and curl up at night. These plants are perfect for small spaces you want to brighten up, and they’re incredibly easy to grow. And – of course – they are perfectly safe for your dogs and cats.

There are plenty of other pet-friendly plants that didn’t make our list, but it’s always better to err on the side of caution when bringing plants into your new home. Besides causing a tummy ache, some innocent-looking indoor plants are downright deadly to your furry family members. But don’t let your dog or cat stop you from benefitting from indoor plants! There are so many wonderful ways you can decorate your home with these beautiful green plants.

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