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Model Home Inspiration for our Inventory!

We know that it can be difficult to visualize furniture placement in an empty home.  Luckily majority of our Inventory homes are floor plans that we have or have recently had as a furnished Model!  So to help you visualize how a room will look once furnished, here are side by side photos of our…

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Perfecting the Gallery Wall

It might appear to some that zero thought goes into designing a gallery wall, when in reality a lot of thought, planning, and designing actually takes place.  Here are a few things to think about when creating that social media worthy gallery wall. Choose your design:  How big is the space that you wish to…

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4 Benefits of a Design Studio

At Niblock Homes, we are very fortunate to have a 3,000 square foot Design Studio.  Not many builders have a Design Studio with all of the design selections that they have to offer.  From tile to cabinetry to door hardware, our Design Studio has it all.  If you have never experienced our Design Studio, then…

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Tips for choosing colors for your new home

  Designing your new home can be both fun and challenging.  Choosing a color palette is the first step, and then from there all of your other design choices will start to fall into place.  So how do you pick a color palette?  Hopefully with these tips and tricks selecting your homes colors will be…

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How To Recreate a Celebrities Kitchen Design

Celebrities homes feature some of the most sought after design trends around, and since many celebrities have their homes featured in magazines or on websites, we often pull our design inspiration from these homes (and with good reason).  When you have an unlimited budget and an amazing design team, your home is bound to inspire…

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