Tips for choosing colors for your new home


Designing your new home can be both fun and challenging.  Choosing a color palette is the first step, and then from there all of your other design choices will start to fall into place.  So how do you pick a color palette?  Hopefully with these tips and tricks selecting your homes colors will be easy and fun.

Tip #1:  Pick your color scheme based off of the largest pattern in that room.  For example, if you have a large area rug or a large piece of artwork, pull colors that you like from there.  If a more neutral paint color is more your style, then look to the white and beige patterns to make your color decision.

Tip #2:  Decorate from the ground up wtih dark to light colors.  Think of the outdoors, the environment starts darker at our feet (the ground), then to medium if you look straight ahead (buildings/trees), and then lighter towards the sky.  Now bring that same idea indoors with darker floors, medium wall color, and light ceilings.

Tip #3:  Design formal areas first.  Start with your Dining Room, Living Room, and entry way.  Pick a color from the scheme of that room, and then use it as an accent color for the space, an accent wall, accent chair, or wall decor.

Tip #4:  Use your own personal wardrobe for color inspiration.  Look in your closet, what color shirts do you own the most of?  Just like you dress yourself in colors that you look good in, you want to dress your rooms in colors that flatter yourself as well.

Tip #5:  When in doubt go with gray.  The color gray matches anything, and this color has the ability to appear both warm or cool when paired with different accent colors.  To see our favorite neutrals and grays click here.

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