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Taking Care of Your Home

Tips on Keeping a Clutter Free Kitchen

Clutter, it is almost impossible to live without some sort of clutter in your home.  However, too much clutter can make your home feel small, cramped, and sometimes even dirty.  The Kitchen for example, is one of the most lived-in and used rooms in a home.  The last thing that anyone needs is for “stuff”…

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Weather Any Storm in Your New Home by Taking These Precautions

For every perfect 70-degree day, there are dozens of ones filled with brutal wind chills, torrential downpours, severe thunderstorms, and high winds. And your new home is going to have to brave them all. But don’t worry – by taking just a few precautions (and channeling your inner handiness), you can protect your home against…

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Keep an Eye on Your Home from Anywhere with These Gadgets

It’s vacation time! You’ve spent weeks planning the trip and double-checked your packing list. But on your way to the airport, you have a moment of panic. Did you close the garage door? Did you turn all the lights off? That gnawing feeling won’t go away, even if you’re sure you took care of everything.…

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The Do’s and Don’ts When Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

Preparing your home for the arrival of Holiday guests, can take some time and planning on your part.  There are always things that you should or need to do to make your home feel like the best version of itself.  On the flip side, there are always things that you should not do that will…

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How to Keep Your Carpets Looking Like New When Life Happens.

Sure, your brand-new carpets look fantastic when you move into your new home! But, how do you keep them that way when you really live in your new home. Even if your carpet looks clean from across the room, think about everything that might eventually be lurking underneath. The mud your kids tracked in from…

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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Vacations are in full swing this time of year, which means your home is left empty and can be considered an easy target for break-ins.  So to help make your home less of a target, here is our list of things that you can do to keep your home safe while on vacation.   Ask…

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10 Kitchen Items to Toss

There are certain items in your kitchen that are meant to last for years, and then there are those items that after a handful of uses need to be tossed.  Here is our list of items that we bet need to be tossed from most kitchens in America!   Sponges:  They are inexpensive and easy…

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When to Water Your Plants

Knowing when to water your new plants is important to ensure that your hard work and money don’t go to waste.  Established plants that are in the ground need to be watered differently than plants in a pot, and of course the type of plant also makes a difference in the amount of water needed…

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5 Plants You Need in Your Yard

The last thing that you want is to have all of your hard work and money die a week after planting them.  You can water them like you are suppose to, plant them in the shade or sun like they need, but sometimes your precious plants will still not make it.  So to give you…

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Hostess Gifts

It use to be that you always brought your hostess a little gift as a way of saying thank you for hosting us.  In today’s time, this tradition has fallen to the wayside.  Well we are here to bring this tradition back, and to help inspire you to do the same, we have created a…

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Getting to Know Your New Community After a Move

Relocating can be tough for you and your family. Even if you’re only moving a few miles away, it’s hard to deal with so much change. Not only are you facing different commutes to work, school, and grocery stores, you’re also contending with joining a new community. Getting to know your neighbors and neighborhood can…

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Spring Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your home looks different from season to season.  During the winter months your check list includes things that will keep your home safe from freezing temps, and in the Spring you are focused on what you can do to get your home ready for hot Summer days.  Here is a great check…

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