Easy Home Organization Tips

Organization is a lifestyle, not a one-time event.  Building routines will also help support the level of organization that you desire within your home.  So here are a few helpful tips that will keep your home organized and functional.


  1. Start by purging.  The best way to start the organizational process is to purge what you no longer need or use.  That could be clothes, toys, pantry items etc.  Get rid of expired cleaning products, food, beauty products, and medications.  Once you have gotten rid of the unnecessary, then you can start organizing.
  2. Place most reached for or used items at the front.  If you use a certain pan every single day, then let that pan be placed in the front or on top.  If you use the same cleaning spray every morning, let that spray be front and center.
  3. Rotate out items.  Whether its clothing or toys, rotating items will help keep items feeling fresh and new.  Instead of always purchasing new toys for your children, keep a bin in the attic and every month or couple weeks rotate out their current toys with the ones in the attic.  We guarantee your kids will be so excited when they see the “new” toys from the attic that you have swapped out.
  4. Every item should have a home.  That could be something as simple as a basket that your kids throw their toys into, a shelf to line books with, or even a bin for papers.  If everyone in your household knows where to return these used items, then it will help keep your home feeling more picked up and put together.

Organizing your new home doesn’t have to be fancy and you don’t have to spend tons of money on an expensive organizational system.  All you need is a system that is easy to implement and works for you and your family.

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