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For your protection and that of our team members, Niblock Homes information centers and model homes will be open for tours by appointment only until further notice. To schedule an appointment, please call 704-842-9448. Read more….


A note on our COVID-19 coronavirus preparedness

Niblock Homes is committed to maintaining the health and well-being of our customers and team members during this unprecedented time. Safety remains our top priority.  We are continuing to closely monitor federal, state and local guidelines on social distancing in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). In compliance with the social distancing guidelines,…

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4 Easy Tips to Evaluate What You Really Want in a Home

Love at first sight is every homeowner-to-be’s dream. You find a house for sale and love everything about it, from the age of the home to the color of the roof right down to the white picket fence. While you’ll definitely find a home you and your family fall in love with, expecting every single…

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The U.S. Housing Market is Picking Up Steam as the New Year Unfolds

It seems like 2020 could be a big year for home builders. The U.S. market closed out the last month of 2019 with the highest level of new housing projects since 2006. The surge of home starts was even higher than what economists had predicted – by a decent margin. Economists point to the stable…

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With Interest Rates Lower Than Ever, It’s a Good Time to Be A Buyer

If you’re in the market for a new home, even just casually looking, you’re in luck. Right now, interest rates are incredibly low, which means you might be able to afford more home than you think. In fact, rates just a few years ago were double what they are today – which is 3.75% for…

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8 Delicious Apple Recipes

Apple picking is very popular this time of year, but what do you do with all of the apples you pick?  Most of us come home with a giant bag filled with delicious apples in hopes of making all the apple recipes.  So here are 8 of our favorite recipes that are sure to get…

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Easy Weeknight Meal Ideas

The start of a new school year for many families can mean extra running around and more hectic evenings.  Having easy go-to meals is one way to help alleviate some of that evening stress and make sure your kiddos are getting all of the good nutrients that they need.  Here is our list of easy…

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How to Keep Your Carpets Looking Like New When Life Happens.

Sure, your brand-new carpets look fantastic when you move into your new home! But, how do you keep them that way when you really live in your new home. Even if your carpet looks clean from across the room, think about everything that might eventually be lurking underneath. The mud your kids tracked in from…

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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Image. blog post. 6.12.19

4 days, that is all the time that is left until Father’s Day.  Most men don’t want a lot of fuss over them, but this is one day that we say make the fuss and let Dad know just how special he is!  Here is our last minute gift guide, all you have to do…

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Take Advantage of Low Interest Rates to Get More Home for Less

You’ve probably heard that now’s the time for buyers to get into the market. The main reason for this is interest rates – that is, historically low interest rates. If you’re considering buying a home in the next year, you may want to bump up that timeline. Right now, interest rates are low enough that…

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Spring Fun! What to do and where to go

There are so many great events and things to do this time of year!  With warmer weather and sunny days, everyone is looking for something fun to do outside!  So here is our list of fun Easter  and non Easter events happening this week.   Easter Events happening this weekend: The Easter Bunny  Express: If…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day, the opinion of this holiday seems to be that it is either overrated or a cute holiday to celebrate!  We are on board with this being a cutesy and fun day to celebrate,  so just in case you are still struggling for ideas on what to do, here are a few of our…

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