Top 5 Housewarming Gifts for 2023

A simple gesture goes a long way when it comes to welcoming a new family to your community.  A thoughtful handwritten note attached to a small gift is all it takes.  And while we are in the season of giving, these housewarming gift ideas would also make great stocking stuffers or White Elephant Gifts as well.

  Here are our top 5 housewarming gifts for 2023:

  1.  An 18″ screen magnifier for your cell phone.  This is a fun tech gadget that everyone will love.  You can make photos, videos, etc. larger and easier to view making this a great gift for everyone, especially for those who are constantly zooming in on their phones!

  2. Theraflow foot massager.  A relaxing gift that everyone in your family is sure to enjoy!  You can use this tool on both feet at the same time, it can help relieve plantar fasciitis pain, or it will simply give your feet some relief from being up on them all day.

  3. Fireproof document bag. Every home needs a bag like this. This bag is fireproof and waterproof, doubles as a safe with a lock, is a great size to travel with, and a great price.

  4. Personalized new home ornament.  Nothing says welcome home like a personalized keepsake ornament.  Inexpensive, personable, and will surely bring a smile to your new neighbor and friend.

  5. The Sinoshi Power Spin Scrubber.  This handheld electric scrubber will help make cleaning your home easier and faster.

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