Tips and Tricks to Keep Your New Home Looking its Best

Every home requires regular cleaning, maintenance, and organizing to keep it in tip top shape.  From keeping your refrigerator organized, to your entryway tidy and functional, here are some easy tips and tricks to keep your new home looking its best.

  1.  The fridge.  Use zones within your refrigerator to organize your food.  Fruits go together in a drawer, vegetables in one, and then your meats etc. in another.  Also, if you want to make your life a bit easier throughout the week, go ahead and wash all of our fruits and store them in clear containers.

  2. Keep your entryway or drop zone area tidy and organized.  The purpose of a drop zone is to give your family a designated spot to drop their bookbags, jackets, hats, and maybe even shoes.  Make sure you have functioning hooks for jackets, baskets for shoes and miscellaneous items, and drawers with organizers to help keep this space from becoming a dumping ground for all the random things.

  3. Start at the top when cleaning.  Always start at the top and work your way down.  Work smarter not harder.  Dust ceiling fans, lamps, tops of dressers first that way when all of the dust particles fall to the ground it won’t matter because you still have to vacuum anyways.

  4. Keep your cleaning supplies close by.  Keep a basket in each bathroom and kitchen with all of the supplies you might need to clean that space, a sponge, a toilet bowl wand, disinfectant, Clorox wipes, etc.  You will be more likely to clean if all of the supplies that you might need are easily accessible.

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