How to Keep Your New Home Looking New

You just moved into your brand new Niblock home.  Everything is clean, never been used, and of course brand new, now to the hard part, keeping it that way.  Of course there are the obvious things that you can do, vacuum, clean often, pressure wash outdoor areas, but what about the little things that you can do or add to your home to help keep it looking new?


Here are some easy things that you can do or add to your home to help keep it looking and feeling new.

  1. No shoes allowed inside.  I know this sounds harsh, but just think about all the dirt that your shoes track into your home.  If no shoes inside is not a practical option for your family, then try no shoes on carpeted areas.  This will at least help keep your carpet looking and feeling new.
  2. Keep clutter put away.  Clutter is the number one thing that will make your home look and feel dirty.  Toys, clothes, papers, etc. keep all of these items in a designated spot when you are not using them.
  3. Invest in the necessary supplies and tools to maintain your home.  Lawn tools, cleaning supplies, a good reliable vacuum, investing in these items will make it easier to maintain your new home.
  4. Doormats by every exterior door.  A good doormat to wipe your feet on will help stop at least some dirt and grime from entering your home.
  5. Change your filters.  It’s not all about keeping your home looking new, you also want your home to continue to function like a new home as well.  Changing your filters every couple of months will help to do just that.
  6. Exterior upkeep.  Keep the exterior of your home looking new.  Pressure wash, repaint, keep plants watered and maintained, all of these things will keep the exterior of your home looking like it did the day you moved in.
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