Simple Tips That Will Transform Your Outdated Kitchen

If you are not quite ready or your budget is not quite ready for a full kitchen renovation, try these simple tips that will easily blend your outdated kitchen with your own personal style.

1.  Focus on your own personal style and functionality instead of what the latest trends are.  Trends will come and go, but your unique personal style will remain constant.  Focus on elements that make you happy.  Incorporate colors that will evoke feelings and make you smile every time you enter that room.  That could mean adding heirloom vintage pieces into your design, or simply decluttering your cabinets and countertops.  Focus on a kitchen that you love and enjoy being in, because that will never go out of style.2. Focus on how you use your kitchen.  You can make small changes like additional storage, better lighting, or newer appliances without breaking the bank.  Are you a baker who uses things like a mixer or a dough board regularly?  Then consider a kitchen where these items will remain out and be easily accessible for you.  Do you love hosting and entertaining friends and family?  Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, consider a large island where your guests can gather and sit down together.


3.  Add your unique style.  If you feel as though your kitchen is lacking in personality, or feels too sterile and white, then try adding in one unique color.  By adding in this one color, you can then begin to play off of it and incorporate even more of your own style.

4.  Statement lighting.  Lighting is everything.  Updating your light fixtures can completely transform the look of your kitchen and nearby spaces.  Pendant lights and chandeliers are two of our favorite lights to update.  The fixtures will become the focal point in your kitchen.  Also don’t forget under cabinet lights.  This is a great way to add a warm cozy glow to your space.

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