Housewarming Gift Basket Ideas

  Welcoming your new neighbor is always a nice gesture and will definitely go a long way in making a new family feel more comfortable in their new home and community.  It is also a great way to introduce yourself to your new neighbors.  So, if you are thinking about what you could give your new neighbor as a welcome gift, or you even need a hostess gift idea, here are some great ideas for creating the perfect housewarming basket.


A plant basket. The Pilea Involucrata is better known as the friendship plant. It gets its name because of how easy and fast it is to propagate. And, once you do, you’ll have more than enough little plants to gift to your friends. First get a tubtrug, this is a versatile tub that is handy for hauling, storing, and mixing soil. Fill the tub with a pot, soil, a small shovel, and of course your friendship plant!

A Welcome Gift Basket.  You can easily make a cute and functional gift basket that your neighbor will love.  Marshalls or Homegoods are great places to find the items you will need.  First pick out a cute and reasonably sized basket.  Next choice 4-5 items to fill your basket with.  Some of our favorite item to use are a dishtowel, hand soap or lotion, a candle, a bag of chocolates or nuts, and coasters.

Create a new home cleaning kit. This is similar to the welcome basket, except you want to fill this one with different cleaning tools.  Think rubber gloves, scrub daddy sponges, dish soap, magic erasers, and microfiber cleaning clothes.

A snack basket.  Help fill your neighbor’s new pantry with delicious snacks and treats.  You can purchase clear plastic bins that will also double as storage for them to use later on. Fill these bins with all types of different snacks, crackers, chocolates, chips, trail mixes, etc. You can even throw in a few cans of different flavored waters.

A smell good basket.  Fill a basket with all types of items that will keep their new home smelling new.  We love essential oil diffusers.  Here is an inexpensive one that you can order off Amazon. Add in a pack of essential oils, a decorative candle, and even some home fragrance sprays and you will have the perfect smell good basket.


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