4 Benefits of a Design Studio

At Niblock Homes, we are very fortunate to have a 3,000 square foot Design Studio.  Not many builders have a Design Studio with all of the design selections that they have to offer.  From tile to cabinetry to door hardware, our Design Studio has it all.  If you have never experienced our Design Studio, then you are  missing out!  Here are 4 benefits of building a home with a Design Studio.


  1.  Up-close experience.  Sometimes seeing a design option is not enough for one to decide if they love it or not.  At our Design Studio you not only get to see these options in person, but you also are able to touch and feel the options as well.  Take a piece of carpet for example, sure it may have the look that you love, but how does it feel on your bare feet?  There are just some things that you can not decide based on a photo, and home selections can be one of them.  Also being able to see all of the design options that you have chosen together is huge.  You might like the exterior brick you chose and the shutter colors, but when you lay them up against each other, your opinion might completely change.  Seeing your design options in person for your new home is one of the things that makes our Design Studio such a great asset.
  2. One on one guidance from our Design Consultant, Andrea.  Making decisions can be hard, especially if you are having to make those decisions alone.  Not only will Andrea help guide you to what she thinks looks best together, but she can also help give you alternative options for items you may love but our out of your budget.
  3. Customization.  Our Design Studio is where you get to have fun and can play around with different design ideas.  This is your opportunity to truly customize your home to look and feel how you have always envisioned it.
  4. Convenience.  Everything is right there all under one roof.  Nothing is more frustrating then when you want to see something now and it’s not there, or you have to drive to see it.  We have all of our selections in our Design Studio, as well as tons of photos with examples of when we have used that selection in another home.
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