Perfecting the Gallery Wall

It might appear to some that zero thought goes into designing a gallery wall, when in reality a lot of thought, planning, and designing actually takes place.  Here are a few things to think about when creating that social media worthy gallery wall.

Choose your design: 

How big is the space that you wish to add a gallery wall?  What color scheme to you want to use?  What type of photos do you want to group together?  These are all important questions to keep in mind before you begin.

  • How big is the space that you want to add your gallery to?  Is this gallery going up your stairs or above your couch in the Family Room?  Choose where you want to create the gallery, and then you can start arranging your design.  If your art is going up the stairs, your design/layout will look different than one that is not.  Here is one of our favorite gallery walls going up the stairs:

Via: Mandarina Studio 

 This is a great example of a gallery wall in the Family Room.

Via: Driven by Decor

  • What color scheme do you want?  This would include the prints you choose ( do you want black and white or color), the frames ( are all of your frames going to be the same style and color, or do you want to mix it up ), and do you plan to use different objects/art along with the prints?
  • What type of prints/photos do you want to display?  The fun thing about a gallery wall is that you can let your personal style shine.  Gallery walls are great for displaying prints that you have collected from different places you have visited.  Mix and match those prints with actual photos that you took on your trip and you would have the perfect mix of both styles.


Hang the photos:  

Once you have decided on the design and overall look of your gallery wall, now you can start hanging your design.

  • Trace the shape and size of your frames onto paper, trim to size, and then tape them to the wall in the order that you want.  This is a great way for you to visually see what your design is going to look like without putting holes into the wall.  Some things to keep in mind: proportion sizes (does the artwork fit the space?), is it an appropriate height and look proportional to the furniture?, and do the amount of photos fit the wall space?
  • If you can answer yes to the questions above, then you are ready to hang.  It’s a good idea to nail thru the paper first so that you can make sure you are hanging your photos in the correct spots.  Another tip that we like is to leave the photos out of the frames until every frame has been hung.  This will make it easier to arrange the photos exactly how you want them.


The main thing to remember with a gallery wall is to just have fun with it!  There is no right or wrong design, it is all about your own personal taste!

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