Meet Our Architects!

Niblock Homes is fortunate enough to have 2 in-house architects. Our Architects are well trained and educated, they have worked for Niblock for more than a decade, and they are also women!! We would like to introduce to you the women behind our homes.

Beth Livingood has been with Niblock for over 25 years, that is almost half of her life! (When I first asked her this question she had to pull out her calculator to add up the years). Being a part of the Niblock team for this many years is very common with majority of our Niblock staff. Beth’s job here at Niblock is to customize and design new homes and options. We would not be able to customize our homes the way we do without Beth’s expertise! Being able to customize floor plans is also Beth’s favorite part of her job. “Knowing that you are creating someone’s dream home is what makes my job so much fun.”

Maureen Brendle has been with Niblock for over 10 years! To figure out the years with Niblock, Maureen had to think back to the age her twins were when she first started here. They were 4! Maureen’s job here at Niblock is to draw all of our homes in our 3-D computer system. Her job allows our homebuyers to see a more accurate representation of what their future home will look like. Maureen said that the creativity that comes with her job is definitely her favorite part.

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