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You have picked out your new neighborhood, you picked out the home site for your new home, and you have even picked out the floor plan.  For many home owners, those 3 things will be the toughest decisions in your home building process.  Once you get past those decisions, you are onto the fun part, designing your new home.

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Once you step into our Design Studio, your creativity can really start to flow.  All of those ideas that you have envisioned in your head can now be brought to life.  Of course everyone’s tastes and personal style is different, but there are a few design trends that we have been seeing in several of our homes this year.

Painted Trim:  Forget white, homeowners are now opting for bolder trim colors that really make your windows and entry ways pop.

Design Trends Blog; Painted Trim

Cedar Columns:  Cedar columns are big this year.  From exterior columns, to interior columns, and even across the ceiling, we are loving the use of cedar! Click here to learn more on how to customize with cedar.

Design Trends Blog Cedar Columns Design trends Blog Cedar columns

 Design Trends Blog Cedar Columns in Ceiling

All white kitchens: White is the new black, or so it seems.  White cabinets, light colored granite, and of course white subway tile make for one gorgeous kitchen.

Design Trends Blog All White

Barn Doors:  We are very excited about barn doors.  They are both fun and look awesome in the home.  But remember, to have a barn door you have to have enough wall space for it to rest on (this can be the tricky part).

Design Trends Blog Barn doors  Design Trends Blog Barn doors

Quartz Counters:  Of course we love granite, I mean you can’t go wrong with it, but quartz has become very popular this year with homeowners, and we think it looks fantastic.

Design Trends Blog Quartz Counters

Spa showers and free standing tubs:  Who doesn’t love relaxing in their gorgeous tub after a long day of work, or stepping into their large spa shower each morning?

Design Trends Blog Spa Shower    Design Trends Blog Tub

Of course there are tons of design ideas out there, and our Design Studio is filled with tons of gorgeous options.

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