Customizing with Cedar

Cedar columns are becoming very popular on our homes. Both its beauty and natural resistance to rot and decay make cedar an optimal choice for outdoor projects.

Cedar Columns

Cedar’s secret weapon is that the wood contains oils that act as natural preservatives that help the wood resist the fungi that rot wood, and the insects that like to eat wood.  These are the same oils that give cedar its distinctive aroma (and why cedar is used in closets and hope chests).  Although cedar woods contain preservatives they still must be maintained.

KF 152 Front elevation

Cedar isn’t just for the exterior of the home either.  We recently customized a homeowners interior with Cedar columns.

#custombuilthomes with the features you want

We especially love the Cedar beams on the ceiling.  It is definitely a different twist from our coffered ceilings.

 Cedar Beams Custom Stratford

Even small touches of Cedar make a big impact.  Leave the Cedar its natural color, or we will stain it whatever color you want.

Custom Stratford Family Room   Berkley stone fireplace wtih cedar mantle

 These are just a few examples of how we have customized our homes using Cedar,  and we always look forward to the creative ideas of our homeowners!

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