Healthy Homes

There are many different things that we can do to ensure our homes stay as healthy as possible.  With all of the additional time that we are spending in our homes, we want to make sure that we are keeping the outside germs away.  Some of these tips you are probably (hopefully) already implementing, but hopefully you will find a few of these tips helpful and beneficial.

  1. Designate a spot for jackets, shoes, backpacks, purses etc.  Drop zone areas are the perfect spot to “drop” all of your belongings when you come inside.  Take your shoes off, remove your jacket, and hang up your purse.  This will help keep you more organized and keep all of those items from spreading germs throughout your home.  It is also a great idea to leave a can of some type of disinfectant spray in this area as well.  Spray everything down each time it comes back into your home.

  2. Keep soap, hand sanitizers, etc. sitting out.  Instead of keeping these items hidden in a cabinet, leave them out where you see them.  Now every time you walk by the hand sanitizer you can get a squirt.

  3. Wash hand towels often.  Keep a rotation of dish towels near by.  Every couple uses, replace with a new clean towel.

  4. Wipe down most touched surfaces often.  Door handles, refrigerator handles, tv remotes, cell phones, counter tops, etc. all need to be wiped down often.  Think about how many times a day you touch these surfaces.  It is important to wipe them down as often as possible (think several times a day).

  5. Open boxes outside of your home.  With all of the home delivery options out there, more and more people are ordering items online.  It has been reported that you should leave boxes outside if possible and open the box outside as well.  You also want to make sure you wash your hands after touching boxes, mail, packages, etc.


We know that everyone is eager to get some normalcy back into their lives.  As the stay at home restrictions start to loosen, it is even more important that we continue to practice these healthy tips at home.

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