5 Housewarming Gifts for 2020

Housewarming Gifts

A simple gesture goes a long way when it comes to welcoming a new family to your community.  A thoughtful handwritten note attached to a small gift is all it takes.  So here are our top 5 housewarming gifts for 2020.


  1. Travel mugs.  Tea, coffee, hot cocoa, whatever your beverage of choice is, you can always benefit from having a good mug to take on the go.  Linked above is one of our favorite travel mugs, and bonus, it comes in a set of 2!

  2. A  nice candle.  You can never go wrong with a good candle.  When choosing a scent we would always recommend going for a clean fresh scent, nothing too strong.  Not everyone wants there home to smell like cinnamon or men’s cologne.  Bath and Body works is one of our favorite places to buy candles, plus they run great deals on their 3 wick candles.

  3. Electronic Candle Lighter.  This gift would pair nicely with the candle, or would be a great gift all on its own!

  4. Games.  This one gift idea is going to need to be catered towards the age of your new neighbors. However, a fun game that they can play with family and friends is a great way to break the ice.

  5. Picture Frame.  We love this basic frame that you can get off of Amazon.  It will match anyone’s decor and not take up a ton of space.



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