4 things every Chef needs in their Kitchen.

Every serious Chef can you tell you exactly what appliances, tools, supplies, etc. that they need to prepare a great meal, but what can often be forgotten is the layout and overall flow of your kitchen.  Here are 4 things that every Chef needs to keep in mind when designing their cooking space.

  1. Overall layout/ flow of the Kitchen.  There is nothing worse then being the one stuck in the kitchen while your guests mingle.  Having the ability to interact with guests or even your kids while cooking is extremely important, and it will make you feel less left out from any event you might be hosting.
  2. Prep space/ a large island.  Having open counter space to prepare meals on is something every good cook can benefit from.  From room to cut and chop produce, to open counter space to sit cookies on while they cool, you always want and need that extra space while cooking.  Large islands are always a great addition to any kitchen.
  3. Kitchen storage.  Pantries, pull-out cabinet drawers, cabinets on the front of your kitchen island, these are all great storage spots for your kitchen appliances.
  4. Double ovens. Different oven temperatures, cooking several dishes at one time, or you need to keep a dish warm, these are all examples of when it comes in handy to have double ovens.
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