Winter Weather New Home Tips

Anyone else hoping for a winter wonderland this weekend?  We sure hope we get at least a little bit of snow among the ice they are calling for.  Besides preparing all of your snow gear for a day of fun, there are some “chores” that you should do around your new home, before this storm arrives.


Keep your pipes warm:

We have all been there, you go to turn on your shower to get ready for the day and nothing.  Chances are you have a frozen pipe.  Solution:  When you know it’s going to be cold that night, leave your cabinets cracked to let the warm indoor air reach the pipes.  If a pipe is frozen, open the faucet and direct a hair dryer toward the ice section.


Keep your gutters clear and pointing away from your home:

Water that dumps near your foundation can seep into your basement or crawl space.  Solution:  Clean gutters and downspouts so water flows where it’s supposed to.  Add a splash block so that water from your gutters is directed at least 4-6 feet away from the foundation.


Shut off outside faucets:

The faucets that you use to water plants or wash your car can freeze if you don’t shut the water off to them.  Use the water shutoff valve to completely turn off the water.  You will also want to open the faucet outside until remaining water drips out.


Do not use harsh de-icing products on your driveway and walks:

 Some de-icing chemicals can attack the cement paste which bonds the concrete together.  Instead use sand to de-ice your driveway.  Look for play sand or traction sand which contains more grit.


Do not use a metal snow shovel:

Metal shovels will scratch your concrete or stone, instead use a plastic snow shovel to prevent dinging or scratches.



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