Why Lighting Matters in Your New Home

Lighting can often be overlooked when building your new home.  Many of us get so wrapped up in the floor plan, decor selections, and overall look of the home, that we forget one important thing, lighting.  Lighting sets the mood and will affect how you and your guest feel while in your home.  Different rooms require different lighting.  Lets start with the kitchen to explain what we mean.

KF Kitchen Photo Lighting Blog 5.23.17

Good lighting in your kitchen is always important.  Your kitchen is typically the gathering spot in your home, so having enough or the right type of lighting is key to keeping this space both comfortable and functional.  You will want enough recessed can lighting to brighten up the entire room, a light over your kitchen sink so you can see what you are washing, pendant lights to hang over your island, and under-counter lights for when you cut or chop food.

Since your master bedroom is where you go to relax and sleep, you don’t need quite as much light as in the kitchen.  Typically a light fixture, chandelier, or fan/light combo for the center of the room is all you need.  You can add lamps on bedside tables or light close to your bed for reading, but other then that you don’t need much more.

BF master bedroom lights blog 5.23.17

The master bathroom is a little bit different.  Since you use this space for many different purposes, to relax in the bath after a long day, or to get ready in the morning for work, having the ability to turn on several lights or turn off several lights is important.


Your closets, good lighting is a necessity in your closet.  Many closets do not have windows, and without that natural light it can be difficult to see colors when picking out your clothing.  We now offer recessed can lights in all of our closets.

Closet Lighting Blog Post 5.23.17

So remember when you are building your new home to stop and think about where lighting is important to you and where should you add additional lights in your home.

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