Tips on Keeping Your Countertops Clutter Free

Counter space is a precious commodity in your new home.  You not only need room to cook, but you need extra counter space for storage, everyday cooking tools, and to lay out ingredients.  Here are a few tips on how to use every inch of your new home’s counter space while looking stylish too!


1.  Choose pretty canisters:  If you’re a baker who enjoys easy access to your sugars and flours, or you have kids who are always wanting snacks, its ok to devote some counter space to these non-perishable items.  Try placing these things in decorative containers.  This way the items are easy to grab and look cute too!

2.  Group like items to create an intentional feel:  Try layering cutting boards against your backsplash, or corral your utensils in a decorative container.  When you choose to devote a portion of your counter to tools you use often, a tray can magically take the space from busy to neatly decorated.



3.  When counter space is limited, make drawers and cabinets more useful but placing organizational dividers in them.  Your items will be easier to grab when they are all in one place!

4.  Use a cake stand to display fruits: Fruits and vegetables are great kitchen décor.  Try arranging them on a cake stand, not only will it look good, but it will also serve as a reminder to eat them before they spoil!

5.  Choose a cute toaster:  Storing appliances that you use every day can be a pain, so if you must take up counter space with a toaster or blender, at least make it look good!

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