Things to think about when building your new home

Building a home can be overwhelming.  From decision making to securing financing to daydreaming about what you want your new home to look like, there are  a lot of steps that go into the home building process.  Most homeowners know what they want their home to look like, they know that they want a white kitchen, they want a covered porch, or they want a big tub in the master bath, but what they don’t think about are things like outlets, door heights, and hose bibs.  And while these things don’t seem too important right now, come Christmas time you will be glad you didn’t leave them off your new home checklist.  So here is our list of things to think about when building your new home.

  1. Take note of switches and outlets.  Think about the outlets that you use around holidays like Christmas.  Do you need an outlet by your mantle for garland, or do you need an outlet in a certain location for your Christmas tree?  Also think about your furniture placement.  Will you need an outlet in the middle of your family room floor for your side table’s lamp?  Is you flex room going to be used as an in-home office?  If so you will want to make sure you not only have enough outlets for printers and computers, but you will also want to make sure you have enough shelving or bookcases to stay organized!
  2. The Laundry Room.  Where do you want it located?  In most of our homes, we place the laundry room on the same floor as the master bedroom.  We have even gone one step further and placed the laundry room right beside the master closet with access to both.  Do you need a sink in your laundry room?  When you are quickly needing to fill your iron with water, you will appreciate a sink!
  3. Don’t forget the exterior.  Just like the interior of your home, you will want to make sure that the exterior of your home is well equipped with outlets, lights, and enough hose bibs!
  4. Ceiling heights and door heights.  Walk into a home with 8 foot doors, and then walk into a home with standard 6 foot 8 inch tall doors, the home will feel completely different.  Same goes for ceiling heights. Majority of older homes will have lower ceiling heights.  Our homes ceiling height varies.  In our Dunhill plan for example, the family room has 12 foot ceilings, in our Laurel Park model the entire first-floor has 10 foot ceilings.
  5. Unfinished storage.  Whether its an unfinished basement or unfinished 3rd floor, having a home that is able to grow with you and your family is always ideal.
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