Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring is just around the corner, and if you’re short on spring decorating ideas we’re here to  help! From vibrant indoor plants, to brightly colored throw rugs, or even a fresh coat of paint, changing up your home decor for the season is simple and inexpensive.

Idea 1:  Use a real rug in the bathroom.  Put a real rug, not just a  bathroom rug in front of your bathroom sink.  It will hold up just fine and add extra elegance to your space.

Idea 2:  Paint the ceiling.  Treat your ceiling like the 5th wall of a room by painting the ceiling of a white room a pale blue or gray.

Master Bedroom Stratford Model Bedford Farms Blog Post

Idea 3:  Reorganize bookshelves.  Sort books by size and subject.  Line some books up vertically and some horizontally.

Idea 4:  Give something old a new look.  Find a tired old bargain brass chandelier at a thrift shop or antique shop.  Spray paint it white, or if you are brave enough try a color!

Idea 5:  Add a modern piece.  If you have a very traditional style in your home, make yourself buy a modern piece like a steel table.

Idea 6:  Paint  your front door.  Try a new color for your front door.  A bright blue or green would look great.

blog 2.3.16 painted front door

Idea 7:  Use something natural:  Buy a tree in a basket or planter and put it in your loneliest corner.

Idea 8:  Hang mirrors.  Replace that tired piece of art work in your dining room with a new gorgeous mirror.  You will be amazed at how much bigger your room looks!

dining room mirror blog 2.3.16

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