Niblock's Signature Ceiling

When you walk into a room what is the first thing that you notice?  As your eyes shift from the hardwood floors, up to the windows, you might notice the painted walls, then the light fixture, and if you stand there long enough you might take a quick glance at the plain white ceiling.  A total of probably 2 seconds was spent looking up at your ceiling.  What a waste of perfectly good space.  Now picture this; you walk into the family room of your friend’s brand new Niblock Home, instead of starting from the bottom and working your way to the top, you now immediately are drawn to the gorgeous coffered ceiling.  The white trim looks so fresh and crisp over top of the burnt orange color.  Now you cannot take your eyes away from the ceiling.  That is the type of reaction that we want when you walk into one of our homes.

The coffered ceiling has become a signature look for us.  It is a great and inexpensive way to really dress up your home.  Perhaps you do not want to paint your walls, but you need to some how add color to a room.  Painting the insides of the coffered ceiling is a great way to do just that.


Maybe you like the look of an all white home.  It is very clean, calming, and refreshing to look at.  Leaving the insides of the coffered ceiling white is another great idea.  You will still get the 3-dimensional affect without that pop of color.




Who said you had to let the bigger rooms have all the fun. Try adding a coffered ceiling to your master bathroom like this home we built.



A coffered ceiling is not the only way to dress up your rooms.  Below are some photos of ceilings we did that look just as glamorous and classic as the coffered.




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