March Maintenance Tips

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With longers days, more sunlight, and even a few flowers springing from the ground, March always brings the promise of change.  Of course, the return of warmer weather may also serve as a reminder to fix up your house after the long winter season.  Now that spring is in the air, there are a number of maintenance tasks that you can tackle in preparation for an active growing season.

1.  Fix your gutters.  Even if it has not been a cold or snowy winter, temporary ice buildups could have knocked your gutters off-balance.

2.  Inspect your roof for leaks and damage.  Like gutters, tiled and shingled roofs can be susceptible to harsh winter weather.  It is also a good idea to check your attic and upper-floor walls for signs that your roof is leaking through the inside.

3.  Clean our your central HVAC ducts, vents, and exterior units.  You can manually remove leaf litter, twigs, and other debris that may be stuck in your exterior unit.  Inside, take the time to remove all of your vents covers and dust them.  By simply removing these easy-to-reach clogs it will improve your home’s airflow and air quality.

4.  Patch your pipes.  Even a single winter freeze can damage older insulated pipes.  You may be able to patch small leaks on your own.

3:9 Blog post

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