Living Naturally: All Natural Cleaning Products

Photo credit: Step to Health

You use all natural ingredients on your skin because you know that it’s better for you, and you eat all natural foods because you know it’s healthier.  So why would you use chemical based cleaners in your new home, when you can make your own cleaners  with all natural ingredients?  Many of these all natural ingredients are actually items that can already be found in majority of households, and if you don’t have these items, make a note to pick it up the next time you are out!

  1. White Vinegar:  From cleaning your drain, cutting boards, counter tops, and even stained plastic containers, vinegar is a multipurpose staple in your home!  Visit Better Homes and Gardens for more uses of vinegar.
  2. Castile Soap:  This soap is very multi-functional, and it is traditionally made with a base of olive oil and water ( a little bit goes a long way with this soap).  This soap is also Vegan friendly (many soaps are made from animal fats and oils).  To learn more about the many uses of Castile Soap, you can visit BuzzFeed’s post by clicking here.
  3. Natural Salt:  Ingesting too much salt may cause certain health problems, but when it comes to cleaning your home, this is one natural ingredient that is here to stay!  To learn more about cleaning with salt, you can visit Step Health’s article by clicking here.
  4. Baking Soda:  Baking Soda is not just used to make cookies and cakes, it is also a powerful freshener and will help clean spots in your home.  Good House Keeping compiled a great list of 21 cleaning problems you can solve with Baking Soda.  
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide:  It sanitizes your kid’s boo-boos, helps to whiten teeth, and it is also a great home cleaning product.  From kitchen grout to toilet scum, try this powerful ingredient on your next cleaning day! Natural Living Ideas has a great article on 34 reasons why you need Hydrogen Peroxide in your home.
  6. Lemons:  When life gives you lemons…….go clean your house!  From polishing copper to deodorizing smells, this powerful little fruit is a must have in your home!  For more ways to clean with lemons visit
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