House Rules for Holiday Guests

welcome sign

 We always see articles and posts on how to be the perfect host or hostess to our guests, but rarely do we see anything about how to be the perfect house guest.  Here are a few rules or tips that will guarantee you get invited back.

1.)  Arrive with a gift:   Remember how much work goes into preparing your home for a guest.  From cleaning, to washing sheets, there is a lot of prep work that takes place.  So the least you can do is arrive with a gift.  A bottle of wine is perfectly fine (just make sure you know your audience).  A basket of baked goods, jams, or even new hand towels are always safe choices.

2.) Conserve towels:   If you are someone who has to use a new towel after each shower you take, plan to pack some of your own.  Or make an exception during your stay and reuse the towels your host gives you.  Remember this is not a hotel!

3.)   Ask about house rules:   You might think that you are helping when you load the dishwasher, but your host might have some items that they prefer to hand wash instead.  It is always best to ask first!

4.)  Lend a hand:   If your host is spending hours preparing a delicious meal for you, ask if they need some help, or offer to clean up afterwards.  Your host will definitely appreciate it.

5.)  Strip your bed upon departure:   Do your host a favor and strip the linens.  While you’re at it add your used towels and wash clothes to the pile.  Of course it is always a good idea to ask your host if they would like for you to do this.  Some might not want you to see the stain on the mattress from where their dog had an accident!

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