Home Repairs You Should Make This Summer

A person Cutting down a tree

To keep your home looking and functioning properly, yearly maintenance is always necessary.  Here are a few things that you should look for this Summer.

1.) Dislodged Siding

Things to look for:  Vines and other greenery near your home which can attract squirrels and other rodents.  The vines can also cause reduced air circulation, resulting in mold.  Mold can cause your shingles to deteriorate or pull away from the house

How to fix it:  Cut back any low branches and prune your shrubs.  Then clean the siding with a power washer.  Every few years you should protect your wood with a fresh stain or coat of paint.

2.)  Cracked Foundation and Walls

Things to look for:  Cracks or missing mortar on the exterior or in the basement which can let in damaging rain, dirt, or even pests.

How to fix it:  Fill cracks in with poured concrete or quick setting cement.

3.)  Unsealed Windows and Doors: 

Things to look for:  Cracked or missing caulk won’t properly shield your home from wind and rain.

How to fix it:  Patch missing pieces of caulk.

4.)  Damaged Roof and Gutters:

Things to look for:  Broken or packed gutters may cause interior water damage.

How to fix it:  Clean gutters in spring and late fall.  Do it more often if you have a lot of tress nearby or after a big storm.

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