Easy Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

The front or the backyard?  It can be a tough call when deciding which area to spend your money on.  While the backyard is the space that you will spend the most time using, the front yard is what your guests and neighbors will have to look at.  So while you don’t want to break the bank maintaining or even updating the front yard, you will want to make sure you give it some TLC.  So here are some great ideas for giving your front yard a much needed face lift.

  1. Change the look of your yard by switching from pine needles to mulch or from mulch to pine needles.  This is a task that you can easily do in a day without any professional help, and it will transform the look of your yard.  If you are looking for longevity, we recommend going with mulch!
  2. Add stone focal points.  Outline your tree beds or group your flowers together with stone accents.  This can also act as a barrier to keep animals out of your flower beds!
  3.   Choose shrubs/trees that look great year-round.  Whether it’s the dead of winter, or early spring, Evergreens will provide the same well-kept look to your front yard.
  4. Create those “plant islands”.  You can create an entirely different look to your yard by grouping flowers and plants together in different “islands”.  A few easy ways to achieve this look is with the use of stone-pavers, retaining walls, or mulch/pine needles.
  5. Rocks.  Rocks can create that outline or barrier similar to the stone pavers.  Using rocks will create a different look, and some people even prefer to use rock instead of mulch or pine needles.
  6. Lights.  Not only will lighting create a new look for your yard, but it will also create a safer walking space by lighting up sidewalks and driveways.
  7. Update your sidewalks.  Pressure washing can make your sidewalks look new, or if you are wanting a totally different look, stamped concrete might be the way to go.
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