DIY Decorating Ideas

There is no excuse for living in a space that doesn’t feel like your home.  Decorating does not have to be an expensive burden either.  Here are a few of my favorite and very cost effective DIY decorating ideas.

1.  Decorate your walls cheap:    Add a gallery wall of clean, white frames displaying black-and-white photos.  The black-and-white look adds a more glamorous edge to any room.  At your local Hobby Lobby you can find an assortment of different frames, plus every other week frames are 50% off! You can’t beat that!

2.  Hang a shelf to create the illustion of space:    You can make a narrow room appear wider by adding a long shelf, which can also double as a mantel to display various knick-knacks.

3.  A mirror will instantly transform a room:    Add a mirror to your space, it will make your room appear bigger by reflecting surrounding colors and patterns.  You can purchase mirrors for very low cost at your local Home Goods or TJ Maxx.

Large Mirror in Master Bedroom.Blog

4.  Get creative with paint:    Wall colors set the tone of a room.  Try painting an accent wall or paint your interior doors for an added pop of color!

Dining Room Accent Wall Blog 3/27/15

5.  Paint lampshades for a fresh new look:    Buy an inexpensive paper shade and paint it a bold color to match your room!

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