Designing Your Kitchen Island

One of the most important components of your kitchen is the island.  Your kitchen island serves many different purposes: it’s where you cook, where you make your kid’s lunches, where you help them do their homework, where you occasionally (or always) eat your breakfast, it’s where you gather when you have guests over, and it’s where you serve food buffet style during the holidays.  When designing your new kitchen island, there are many different things that one might have to think about.  For example, which way do I want my island to face? Do I want an overhang for bar stools?  Do I want my island to be the same color as my other cabinets?

Here are some of our favorite kitchen island designs.  Hopefully these ideas will help give you some inspiration for your new kitchen!

Direction:  Which way do you want your island to face?  Do you want your island to face your family room, or would you prefer it face your breakfast room?

Windsor Estavez Kitchen

If you have your island facing the family room, you can still watch TV as you cook! Plus being the cook often times means you get left out, facing the family room will allow you to feel like you are still apart of everyone’s conversations.


When you have your island facing your breakfast area you get a great view out your windows and into your backyard.  This setup would be ideal for keeping an eye on small children while they play!

Bar stools:  Does your family regularly eat at the kitchen island as opposed to the table for meals?  If so, then you will want to make sure that you have enough overhang to allow for bar stools to fit comfortably.

AC 76 Aspen kitchen.breakfast area

The Aspen kitchen island is the ideal spot for bar stools.  This island is designed with an indentation on the backside that allows your legs to fit comfortably underneath, and you it also is the perfect spot to slide your stools in when not in use.


Adding a custom overhang with gorgeous detailed legs not only looks amazing, but it allows for plenty of room to add bar stools if desired.

Color:  Do you want to keep your island the same color as the rest of your kitchen cabinets, or do you want to make your island stand out by picking a different color?

White is always a great color to use when going with the two tone look.  And achieving this look comes at no extra cost at our Design Studio!


Raised or Flush:  Do you want your granite to be flat across the top, or would you like to have a raised portion as well?

Custom Stratford Kitchen Island Blog Post   Custom stratford island blog post

Clean lines or more 3-dimensional, the choice is yours when designing your kitchen island!

We know that building a new home can be overwhelming at times, but with our experienced designers help, we promise it can be painless and fun!

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