Back to School

With the start of a new school year quickly approaching, now is a great time to start preparing your kids, your family, and yourself for the upcoming year.  Not only do your kids need to be back to school ready with necessities such as book bags, pencils, notebooks, etc., but your family needs to be back to school ready in their home environment as well.  So here is a great check list for preparing your kids for the beginning of the school year, and a list of our homes that will be move-in ready by the start of the school year as well!


Getting back to school ready is more than just buying your kids school items.  It’s helping them get back into their school night routines, early bedtimes, earlier rise time, things of that nature that will affect their focus in the classroom.  Here is our list that you can start implementing at anytime, honestly the sooner the better in this case!

  • Get back into a more scheduled sleep routine:  Start setting earlier bedtimes similar to the ones your kids will follow during the school year.  Start having them set alarms to wake up in the morning, instead of sleeping until they wake up on their own.  You could probably wait till about a week before to start this because it is still Summer and all!
  • Shop for school supplies together:  Let your kids take part in picking out their new school items.  Picking out their new back pack or notebook will get them excited to go to school to show all of their friends their new items.
  • Get organized:  The beginning of the school year means lots of new paper work.  Paper that mom and dad need to sign, permission slips, agendas, homework, and more.  Go ahead and make a designated spot that your child knows to put all of these items for you to see.
  • Make a designated homework spot:  Whether you have a computer room, a desk in their bedroom, or the kitchen table, it is important that your child has one place that they go to every day to complete any tasks that were sent home with them.
  • Enjoy the rest of summer:  Last but not least, enjoy the last month or so of Summer!  Make a list with your kids of things that they still want to do in the month that they have left of vacation.  Try to do one or two fun activities with them each week, because remember, you only get 18 Summers with your little ones, so lets make the most of the one you have left!


The beginning of the year is ideally when you would want to move, especially if that move would mean switching to a new school for your kids.  It is way easier to start at a new school than to transition halfway thru the school year, of course we know that is not always possible!  Here is a list of homes that are currently move-in ready or will be move-in ready by the time the new school year starts!


189 Branchview Drive, Mooresville 

193 Branchview Drive, Mooresville 

2366 Ashbourne Place, Concord 

855 Heart Pine Street, Concord 

856 Heart Pine Street, Concord 

3899 Zemosa Lanc, Concord 

3904  Zemosa Lane, Concord



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