7 sure signs that your bathroom needs an upgrade


Are you so used to your bathroom that you overlook certain features that might be outdated? Bathroom design has evolved dramatically over the past few years. If your bathroom has become a merely functional space, then it might be time to consider remodeling.

Here are some sure signs that your bathroom needs an upgrade.

  1. The toilet is older than your kids.

Plumbing has changed, and today’s toilets offer more efficiency than your outdated commode. Low-flow toilets offer significant savings, and the touchless toilet eliminates that concern over someone’s lack of “courtesy”.

  1. Water isn’t always where it belongs.

Do you have a leaky faucet in the sink or tub? Does your toilet keep running after it’s flushed? Examine your bathroom for leaks and drips. Check the walls, ceiling, and floors for telltale signs of hidden moisture. Worn-out plumbing is an insurance claim waiting to happen.

  1. Sinks, tubs, and grout have lost that loving feeling.

Does your tile grout look like a cigarette smoker’s teeth? Are your tubs and sinks stained and scratched? Maybe your bathroom is trying to tell you it’s time to pull the plug. Retire the tired fixtures. Take advantage of today’s vast array of choices for bathroom tile, sinks, and tubs.

  1. The lighting is one-size-fits-all.

Your bathroom is a functional space. Some areas benefit from soft lighting, while others are task-centric (applying make-up, shaving). Create the right ambience in your bathroom by installing more energy-efficient fixtures that shed the right light on you—like sconces on the sides of the mirror, instead of on top, and maybe a chandelier over your spa tub.

  1. You have more toiletries than storage.

If you constantly have to make room on the bathroom vanity countertop because of the clutter, you need more storage space in your bathroom. It’s time to rethink the cabinetry. Invest in a new vanity or add shelves. An organized, uncluttered bathroom is a thing of beauty.

  1. Your life has changed.

Maybe you’re now sharing your bathroom with others—spouse, significant other, roommate, kids, in-laws. How does that affect the bathroom design? Can two people easily maneuver through the bathroom functions simultaneously? Is there too much clutter? When you double up, you should double down and invest in a bathroom remodel.

  1. You’re trying really hard to overlook the colors and patterns.

A coat of paint can only do so much to change your perspective. Styles and trends are evolving. Have they reached your bathroom yet? Today’s bathrooms have a spa-like feel, achieved with a combination of the right colors, accents, and materials. Even powder rooms deserve an update.

Every room in your home should reflect your personal style and provide the comfort that you can only get in this space. Don’t allow yourself to be lulled into mere tolerance of your rooms. Turn them into an environment that adds to the picture of your own “Home, Sweet Home”.

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