What to keep or toss when downsizing

blog post things to toss or keep 5.30.17

Having to decide what items to keep for your new home, and what needs to be tossed can be a tough task.  While the inner hoarder in all of us is telling you to keep that stack of papers that you haven’t looked at in over 10 years, your more realistic side is telling you to toss it.  So which little voice do you listen to?  To make cleaning out your home easier, and to help you decide what to toss and what to keep, here is a good set of rules to follow.


Toss – It is important to let go of as much paper that you have accumulated over the years as possible.  It is also very important to carefully go thru these papers before tossing them to ensure you are not getting rid of important documents.

Keep – Papers to keep include: birth certificates, marriage license, divorce papers, SS cards, medical records, insurance policies, passports, wills, trusts, power of attorney documents, property deeds, diplomas, etc.

Family Heirlooms: 

Toss – If important family heirlooms are beyond repair, too beat up to even display in your new home, or to fragile to even make the move, then it might be time to let these pieces go.

Keep – Sterling silver items, paintings, furniture, silverware, etc. if they look good it might be worth the trouble of moving these items.  If you can’t part with the item because it has that much meaning to you,  then go ahead and keep it.

 Kitchen Supplies:

Toss – You don’t need 6 pans, 10 wooden spoons, and 8 pots.  Leave the duplicates behind and only take the newest ones.

Keep – Expensive knives and kitchen gadgets are worth keeping, but like we stated above, you do not need 8 of one item.

Sentimental Items: 

Toss –  Items like kids toys, participation ribbons, and baby clothes probably need to be tossed.  If you do not plan on having any more kids and you attic is full of kid stuff, then donate it to a family who will use it.

Keep – Items that can not be replaced, your kids baby book, their first blanket, or the medal you won for completing your first marathon, these types of items are definite keeps.  If it can’t be replaced or duplicated, keep it.

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