What Our Customers Are Saying

We take great care in choosing the companies that we partner with.  We recently received an email from a recent buyer praising our lighting company, Efirds Lighting and Furniture, and our Design Studio team.  It is always great to hear that our subcontractors are making our buyers just as happy.

“I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with Andrea (and initially Grace) at the Selection Studio.  They were both very professional and helpful and made the process less stressful than anticipated. 

Andrea was especially patient, thorough, and timely with our many pricing requests; she provided a fabulous kitchen backsplash suggestion which we ultimately went with – subway tiles that make the kitchen pop and tie in beautifully with the farmhouse sink we selected. 

My co-workers are amazed at what an easy time we had with our selections, many had horror stories from their personal building experiences (with other builders).

Also, I must mention that Marti at Efirds was extremely helpful and organized.  Selecting the lighting was my personal stressor – so many options, how to best tie everything together, etc.  I initially placed items in the Efirds wish list and working from that as a starting point we were able to work our way through the various rooms.  Some lighting we stuck with and in other cases Marti made wonderful suggestions that we would have never considered.  Jim and I walked out of the store after 2 hours very comfortable with the selections we made  in the process as a whole. 

Thank you for having a great team that demonstrates a customer driven focus.”

Agnes and Jim

Future Ashlyn Creek Residents



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