What empty nesters want in a new home

Whether you are a new empty nester or you have been an empty nester for awhile now, the wish list for a new home is typically the same.  From the style of the home to the luxury touches, here is a list of what empty nesters are looking for in a new home.

  1. first-floor living.  The home that empty nesters build now, is typically the home that they plan to stay in, so building a home that will adapt with you as you age is important.  Majority of empty nesters who are building their new home want either a master on the main level or a Ranch style home.
  2. Building a home where they can age.  Just like a first-floor master bedroom is important to have as you age, so are certain structural and design features in your home.  Wider door openings (to fit a wheel chair or walker if ever needed), shower accessibility, and a no step entry into your home are all things to keep in mind when building your home.
  3. Luxury touches.  Empty nesters are typically building a new home to downsize.  Just because you are downsizing in square footage, doesn’t mean you are downsizing in luxury touches.
  4. Pet friendly features.  Many empty nesters either have a family pet or plan to get a pet to fill that empty home void.  Adding a pet center in your home is a great addition to any home with a furry pet.
  5. Location.  Change is hard, so having an accessible location to all of the things that they might be use to is important to many empty nesters.  Grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, etc. are all places that many people visit almost daily and would most likely want to continue frequenting these spots.
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