Ultimate Christmas Countdown

Getting organized early is the best way to ensure more holiday cheer and less holiday stress.  We have put together a timeline to help keep you and your family on track for the holidays.

christmas tree

The month before……….

Make a family plan:  Are you hosting Christmas at your house or going to your in-laws?

Put activities on the calendar:  As parties and school pageants are scheduled, make sure you write them on a master calendar that everyone has access to.

Start baking items that you can freeze:  Cookies, breads, and casseroles will all keep if wrapped well in the freezer.  It’s always great to have extra cookies on hand in case any unexpected guests stop by.

Shop for cards and wrapping paper:  If you start early you will get the best selection.  It’s also a great idea to wrap gifts as you buy them.  That way you aren’t stuck wrapping all of them at one time.

Decorate:  The first week of December is a great time to start decorating your home with Christmas décor!

3 weeks before………

Buy a live tree:  About 3-4 weeks before Christmas is a good time to buy your tree.  This will help keep your tree fresh and the needles from all falling off.  The same goes for any fresh garland and greenery that you might put out.

2 weeks before…….

Make sure gifts are mailed to out of town people:  You want to give your gifts at least 2 weeks to reach their final destinations.

1 week before……..

Start deep cleaning your home:  This is the perfect time to clean out your fridge and pantry to make room for all of the holiday food.

Set the table:  Set your table early.  It not only looks good to have your dining room table set, but it will be one less thing that you have to worry about the day of.

Sit back and relax:  All of your hard work and preparations have paid off, so sit back and enjoy time with your family and friends.

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