Top Places to Clean Before Your Guests Arrive

Easter, Spring break, Memorial Day, there are several holidays coming up, which means, guests will be arriving to your home soon.  Instead of stressing out about having a clean home, go ahead and make a game plan for how you are going to tackle all of your chores.  To help you do that, here is our list of top places to clean before your guests arrive.


  1. The downstairs bathroom.  The bathroom on the main level of your home is typically the most used and will need the most attention.  Make sure the toilet is clean, the sink has been wiped down (along with the mirror), a fresh hand towel is out, and extra rolls of toilet paper are under the sink.
  2. The foyer or entryway of your home.  If guests will be arriving through your front door then spend a little extra time cleaning and organizing there, or if they will be arriving through your garage entrance, put the extra effort there.  Make sure shoes are put away, jackets, hats, etc. are hung, and that the space looks tidy and organized.
  3. Vacuum.  The easiest and best thing that you can do is vacuum, especially those high traffic areas.
  4. Tidy up the kitchen.  Empty out the dishwasher, make sure all dishes are out of the sink, wipe down all countertops, put out fresh hand towels, and a new roll of paper towels.  Try to keep any unnecessary items off of the countertop, less clutter makes any space look and feel cleaner.
  5. Give your furniture a quick once over.  Fold any blankets, give all of your throw pillows a good fluff, and if time allows, run the vacuum over the cushions to make sure no crumbs have settled into them.
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