Tips to Help You Host Your Thanksgiving Feast

Even though Christmas seems to already be on everyone’s minds, we have not forgotten one of our favorite holidays, Thanksgiving!

To help out with any hosting anxiety that you might experience, we have come up with several hosting tips and tricks to make your day run smoothly and be enjoyable for you, the host.

Tip 1:  Start planning early

Waiting till last minute will always cause stress and can make you feel rushed and unprepared.  Stock up on the items you know you will need but will still be good by Thursday.  It is also a good idea to start cleaning out your fridge and pantry to make room for these items, because lack of space is never a good thing!


Tip 2:  Spend less on table décor

Using items from your own backyard is always an easy fix, pinecones, branches, and leaves can make a gorgeous tablescape.  Less is always more when it comes to decorating, this will also create more space on the table for the important things like the food!


Tip 3: Prep as much as you can beforehand

Prep beforehand as much as possible.  Cut up any vegetables that you may need, put together any casserole dishes ahead of time and wait till the day of to put them in the oven, or even pre make your desserts and just heat them up if needed.


Tip 4:  Put your summer cooler to use

You may need something much larger than just an ice bucket to keep your drinks cold.  Also place your cooler somewhere other than the kitchen, that way you have less people in your way while you try to cook!


Tip 5:  Everyone pitches in this year

If you aren’t comfortable with having your guests cook part of the main meal, you can always assign other items.  Making desserts can be time consuming, and wine is expensive, so passing off those duties will save you time and money!


Tip 6:  Occupy the little ones

Since kids aren’t big on hanging out after they finish their meal, try keeping them seated at their table with an activity.  Supply crayons and paper and have the kids write their wish list to Santa!


Tip 7:  Every guest leaves with a doggy bag

Everyone loves Thanksgiving leftovers, however, being the hostess with a fridge packed full of leftovers might not be ideal for you. Have baggies and takeout containers handy so guests can take home individual portions.

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