Tips for keeping your home safe and running during the winter


We may not have gotten any snow like our coastal neighbors did, but it has certainly been cold enough to freeze your pipes and keep you indoors!

Here are a few tips to help keep your pipes from freezing which will hopefully prevent you from being without water in the morning!

  1. Open your cabinets the night before.  With the cold stretch that we have been experiencing, it is smart to open up your cabinets to expose your pipes.  This will allow the homes warm air to flow to the pipes which will hopefully prevent them from freezing.  This is extremely important if you have pipes that are located on an exterior wall (think kitchen sink).
  2. Turn on the faucet.  A small drip is all that you need to keep water flowing through your pipes.
  3. If your pipes are already on their way to freezing, try wrapping your pipes with warm towels or pour hot water onto the towels once wrapped.
  4. Shut off water if pipes are frozen.  Don’t forget external water sources like garden hoses.

And remember if you do wake up to no water or a busted water pipe, call your local plumber immediately!

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