Tips for Decorating Your New Niblock Home

Moving into your new home is exciting and fun, but it can also be a stressful time as well.  That is why we have come up with 6 tips to help you turn your new empty house into a warm and inviting home.

front exterior white siding

1.  Clean out your old house:  Even before you think about making an offer on a new home, get ahead of the process by cleaning out your old one.  This will not only make it easier to pack, but it will also put you ahead at move-in time.  I mean why would you want to move old items all the way to your new home only to throw it out there?

2.  Start with your bedroom:  It’s not only where you spend a lot of your time, but it’s your own personal retreat.  If you’re on a tight budget opt for new bedding first.  Then if you have any money left in your budget add coordinating window treatments.  It’s amazing what a difference these will make.

master bedroom The Gates Model home

3.  Don’t buy everything at once:  Your home is a work in progress.  There is no need to impulse buy just to have something.  Live in your home at least 2 months before making any significant purchases.

4.  Fight the urge to match:  Retail stores love to make you feel like everything needs to match, but don’t do it!  You don’t have to buy everything in sets like the stores want you to.  Make sure your own personal style shows throughout your new home.

bedroom Arlington plan

5.  Tie everything together with color:  If you have a colorful couch for example, choose one of the colors used in it and play on that for your rooms color scheme.

6.  Solve practical problems inexpensively:  Something as simple as changing a bright white light bulb with a more yellow one can make a huge difference in any room.


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