The Heart of Your Home

In majority of the homes that we have built over the last 36 years, we have noticed that home buyers are putting more emphasis on the importance of 2 main rooms: their Kitchen and their Family Room.

We agree 100% with these buyers.  Your kitchen is the heart of your home.  This is where your family gathers to discuss their day, where you cook meals together, and where you break bread together.  Your kitchen needs to not only be able to accommodate your family and guests, but it also needs to be functional as well.  That is why we have incorporated large gathering islands in our floor plans.  We think every cook and hostess can agree, an island in your kitchen is a must!

Kitchen. blog. 4/15/15


Your Family Room is where your family spends majority of their time, it’s where you enjoy movie night, or where you go to watch the latest sports game with your friends.

In several of our floor plans we have designed the home so that your kitchen and family room flow together and create one spacious area.


family room. arlington plan. 4.15.15

And remember, all of our floor plans can be customized to fit your families needs and wants!

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