Summer Essentials

Happy first day of Summer!

  For some that might mean you are in your car a lot more than you were during the school year.  Going back and forth to the pool, to grab lunch, to a friends house, the possibilities are never ending during the Summer.  So to make sure you are prepared for whatever fun thing you might decide to do on a whim, here is our list for items that should be in your Summer survival kit that you keep in your car.

  1. Sunscreen:  You should always be wearing it or at least have it close by.  You never know when you might decide to eat lunch outside or make a quick stop at the park on the way home.
  2. Bug Spray:  No one wants a bug bite.  It is always better to wear bug spray than risk scratching your leg all night.
  3. Anti-itch Cream:  Just in case you weren’t prepared with the bug spray, have some sort of anti-itch cream with you.
  4. Wipes:  These should be in your car Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter, especially if you have kids!
  5.  A Hat:  Just like the sunscreen, you never know when you might be outside.  Protect your face!
  6. A snack or two:  It is always a good idea to keep a nonperishable snack in your car.  No one likes a hangry kid, or adult for that matter!
  7. Cash:  Keep $10-$20 in cash in your console that way you are always prepared when you see an ice cream stand!
  8. First Aid Kit:  Your kids are climbing up the slide, falling off the swing, or just falling down and scraping their knees, keep a First Aid Kit near by for these minor scrapes.
  9.  A phone charger:  This should always been in your car regardless, but it is a good reminder that you never want your phone to die on you!
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