Summer Deck Inspiration

Cozy Lighting:  Well chosen lighting can give your deck a dreamy quality, and you don’t have to buy anything expensive!  Try hanging leftover Christmas lights around your deck, around the stand of your umbrella, or even around your flower planters.

Cozy lighting on your deck blog 4.15.16

Outdoor lanterns are another great way to add both light to your back deck and dress it up!  Lowes has tons of different lanterns ranging from traditional looking ones to unique and colorful ones!

Lanterns blog 4.15.16       colorful lanterns blog 4.15.16

  Naturally Pretty: A color palette of earth tones and vibrant greenery create a contemporary                    deck style.  Built-in wood seating is the perfect way to connect your interior living area with this expanded living space.

  A comfortable space rain or shine:  Covered porches, screened in porches, or a type of                       canopy over the deck helps to create a comfortable place to relax rain or shine!

covered porch blog 4.15.16

 Not your average deck:  Different materials besides wood create a more contemporary look.                  Plus when you use something other than wood, you don’t have to go through the hassle of staining it!

brick and concrete deck. blog 4.15.16   deck finishes blog 4.15.16   deck finishes 2 blog 4.15.16

  Colorful scenery:  Mix and match your outdoor furniture to create a deck that is bursting with            energy.  Colorful flowers and flower pots are an easy way to bring fun to any area.  Overflowing containers help cancel noise and define the outdoor area as a separate space.  This website has great tips for creating your own container garden!

Hands in green gloves plant flowers in pot

 Sun blocking pergolas:  Update any plain deck with the added architectural dimension of a                    pergola.  Add trained climbers to these overhead structures to get built- in shade.

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