Spring Gardening Tips and Tricks

The Southern Spring Home and Garden Show starts this weekend! We love this show, mainly because it is a great way to usher in Spring!  There you will experience gardens filled with flowers, chic designer rooms and exhibits focusing on the best in landscaping, building, remodeling and decorating, all located under one roof.  To get you dreaming about warmer days and beautiful green lawns, we created a fun list of gardening tips and tricks.  Give a few of them a try, you won’t regret it!

Flowers. blog 5.4.15

  1. To prevent dirt from accumulating under your fingernails, run your nails across a bar of soap.  This will effectively seal the undersides of your nails preventing dirt from collecting beneath them.  After you finish gardening, simply use a nail brush to remove the soap!
  2. To prevent the line on your string trimmer from jamming or breaking, spray it with vegetable oil before installing it in the trimmer.
  3. Turn a long handled tool into a measuring stick.  Simply lay the tool on the ground next to a measuring tape, and use a permanent marker to write inch and foot marks on the handle.  Then when you want to measure the distance between plants you already have a measuring device in your hand.
  4. To create natural markers, write the names of plants with a permanent marker on flat stones.  Then when you place the stones at the base of the plants you will know exactly what it is.
  5. The next time you boil or steam vegetables, save the excess water.  Potted plants love the “vegetable soup”.
  6. Use leftover tea or coffee grounds to acidify the soil of acid-loving plants such as azaleas, gardenias, and even blueberries.
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