Simple Outdoor Living Tips

Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons for dressing up your backyard.  You don’t have to be a master landscaper, or even hire one, to add a little spark to your outdoor spaces.  Here are a few tips on how to create the perfect outdoor space.

1.  Shed some light on new spaces:    Lighting can easily be neglected in outdoor spaces.  You rely on the natural light during the day, but why not make the light last into the night as well.  Tuck solar lights into your flower bed to illuminate special flowers or perhaps a sculpture.  Place low lights along pathways to help guide you at night.

2.  Add some movement:    Movement adds visual appeal.  Think about adding a porch swing, a hammock, or even a hanging chair.

3.  Turn your patio/back deck into a morning room.    Morning rooms are designed to be peaceful spaces to sip coffee and read the paper.  Move your morning room outdoors when the weather is nice and start your mornings in your own backyard.

Patio turned Morning Room.3:30 blog

4.  Create a path:    Even if your backyard isn’t exactly a large piece of land, a path can provide important visual flow for the eye.  It also helps tie the space together and create more of a flow.

Firepit:Stone Sidewalk.3:30 Blog

5.  Landscape for colorful creatures:    Bring visitors to your yard by catering to the type of landscape that they need.  Hang feeders for birds, plant butterfly weed to attract gorgeous butterflies, or even fruit trees.

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