Preparing Your Home for Trick or Treaters

Halloween is a fun time of year for all ages.  It’s always fun to see the excitement kids show when they get to dress up as their favorite character, ring your doorbell, and yell trick or treat!  The last thing that any homeowner wants to do is ruin a young child’s evening because they failed to prepare their home for visitors.  Here are some tips that will keep trick or treaters safe while visiting your home this year.


  • Light up your walkway.  You want your driveway and sidewalks to  be well lit.  No one should have to guess where to turn or where they can step, they should be able to clearly see the path to your front door.  Turning on outdoor lights is of course the best way to keep your home well lit, but if you want to keep with the Halloween theme, here is a list of 19 Easy and Spooky DIY Lights for Halloween.  
  • Clear a path.  Make sure tree limbs have been cut back and any debris has been removed.  The last thing you want is for a little trick or treater to take a spill down your driveway.
  • Clean up your yard.  Considering Halloween is the one night of the year that brings all of your neighbors out of their homes, having a well kept yard that day is probably a good idea.  Make sure any kids toys, bikes, dog toys, yard tools, limbs, etc. are put way.  You also might want to make sure your lawn is mowed, because chances are kids are going to use your yard as a pathway to your front door.
  • Put your pets up.  Your door is wide open while you are passing out candy, making this the perfect opportunity for your cat or dog to make a run for it.  We doubt anyone wants to spend their Halloween running around the neighborhood, in the dark, looking for their lost pet.  Not to mention having a bunch of costume and mask wearing kids ringing your doorbell all night might give your pet anxiety.


We witch you a Happy and Safe Halloween!!

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