Pet Centers, A Place for your Dog to Call Their Own

pet center 4

Who really wants to share their expensive tiled spa shower with their dog?  Sure you might love your dog like a family member, but lets face it dogs can get dirty.  The last thing I want to do when my dog is covered in mud is pick him up and carry him up my stairs to my bathroom.  That is why we love our pet centers.  Would you prefer your pet center to be located in your garage?  Or would prefer it to be located in your home?  The choice is up to you!

pet center 2

The great thing about our pet centers is that it is more then just a place to bath your dog.  It is your dogs room, and the place in your home where you can store all of their stuff.  Their dog food, medications, toys, grooming supplies, even their crate and dog bed.  No more dog beds laying around in your family room taking up space!

pet center 3

Not only is the pet center a good thing for you, but your pet will love it as well.  Having a designated spot that they know is theirs will make them feel safe and loved.

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