Neighborhood Gatherings

School is winding down, the weather is warm, and the neighborhood streets are starting to become busier than normal.  Now is the perfect time to plan a neighborhood gathering.  Neighborhood gatherings are the perfect time to reconnect or meet your fellow neighbors.  Here are some of our favorite ways to spend a Saturday evening while getting to know our neighbors.


  1. Have a potluck.  A cul-de-sac party is the perfect way to celebrate a night of new friendships.  No one person will have to worry about having guests in their home or someone using their bathrooms.  Pick a street, designate who wants to bring a large foldable table and then have each guests bring a different dish!  We love this idea because now you will have a spread of all different types of food.

  2. Have a bonfire.  Chances are someone or multiple people will own a solo stove or a portable firepit.  In a cul-de-sac, the end of someone’s driveway, or the grassy common areas are all great spots to have a neighborhood “bonfire”.  Roast smores, hotdogs, or any other delicious treats.

  3. Have a neighborhood movie night.  You can take something as simple as a bed sheet and turn it into your movie screen.  If that is a little bit too DIY for your taste, inflatable movie screens are not that expensive.

  4. Have a cocktail party.  Just like a potluck with food, but with booze or mocktails instead!  Each family can bring their own special drink to share!

  5. Have a dessert party.  If you aren’t interested in a potluck with a full-blown meal, just bring desserts instead.  It’s always fun to sample lots of different sweet treats.

We hope that some of these ideas will help inspire you to organize your next neighborhood gathering.  Living in a community where you know each other by name is pretty special and having neighborhood gatherings is a great way to do just that.

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